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Laserhothits Want Start Up
door laserhothits op dinsdag 18 juli 2017 - 11:36

Who give LaserHothits Thailand 500.000 Euro I never ask for help in my live But now I ask the all world to help me to start my radio station nowhere there Is a bank that want help !!
LaserHotHits Thailand has a new goal in Thailand to help the poor people
From Thailand who have to live off the street if you want to help support LaserHotHits with Donations we will use it to help the poor Thailand People and with the radio station we call the outsider of Thailand to join Helping us help us to provide a better living for Thailand's poor people.

Team Thailand Co .LTD
NL95 KNAB 0722 1670 75 BIC KNABNL2H
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